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At Mountain Ridge, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience. From the initial consultation right up to the finishing touches, you’ll be treated like family. Your input, questions, and concerns will always be our top priority. At Mountain Ridge, we’re never satisfied until you are.


With decades of international industry experience, Mountain Ridge produces a world-class log package. Our homes are made with nature’s most exquisite, tight grained woods: Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir.


The superb craftsmanship of our highly skilled team is evident the moment you enter a Mountain Ridge built home. The artistry entrenched in each of our homes sets us apart, and will leave your guests and neighbors in a state of awe. At Mountain Ridge, we’re not just homebuilders, we’re artists.

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  • I have developed real estate and built homes for the better part of my career. Shane has provided me with some detailed log and timber work, and the finished product was exquisite. I couldn’t speak more highly of the work that he does.

  • Shane has consistently provided me with exceptional customer service. Not only is his response time incredible, but Shane works to proactively address any questions I may have. He contacted me regularly and always valued my input. He truly cares about his customers, and he shows this through his willingness to educate and share his vast knowledge of log homes with his clients. He is perfectly professional and personal at the same time, and truly made me feel like family.

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You have unique needs, and we’re experts at bringing napkin sketch ideas to life. We guarantee the process of building your dream home will be exciting, fun and the end result will be visually stunning. Click below to see a sample of home designs to help you get started.

Benefits of Western Red Cedar

  • Contains naturally occuring fungicides, called thujaplicins making the wood resistant to decay and rot.
  • Western Red Cedar is an excellent thermal insulator, outperforming brick, concrete and steel. The low density and air spaces make it the best insulator of any logs available for log homes. It protects your log home from the extremes of heat and cold.
  • An extract in Red Cedar, called thujic acid makes the wood naturally resistant to termites
  • Western Red Cedar grows in British Columbia coastal regions at low to mid elevations where the climate is cool, mild, and moist.
  • Because of it’s straight, tight grain it is resistant to warping and twisting. It also has a very low shrinkage factor. This makes it superior to all other soft woods used in log homes.
  • The most visually appealing benefit to using Western Red Cedar is it natural shape and characteristics. We use the flared root ends of the tree to give your log home a distinctly beautiful look.

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Many companies build log homes, but few share our dedication to professional service and quality craftsmanship. At Mountain Ridge Handcrafted Homes, we welcome projects both big and small, and are happy to work with existing plans or provide design services for your dream home. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call today. You’ll be happy you did.